Call for papers: present your new research at ‘Migration Policy Centre Seminar Series 2022-23’

We invite calls to present new research in the MPC seminar series 2022-23. Typically, seminars will be held on Wednesday mornings on dates to be confirmed at 11am and will be held on EUI premises.

The MPC seminar series aim to enhance understanding of: (1) new patterns and trends in migration and mobility and to examine the factors that shape them; and (2), understanding more about the factors that shape social, legal, political and economic responses to international migration in its various forms. The seminar series is multidisciplinary and global in scope.  We welcome papers that offer innovation in theory, methods or data analysis.

Financial support can be made available if a case for support is made.

To apply to present in the MPC seminar series 2022-23 please send an abstract of max 200 words with full details of the author(s) by Friday 16 September to This application should also include a request for financial support, if relevant.

The basis for acceptance in the seminar series is that a written paper is circulated one week before the agreed date for the seminar.