Call for Papers: Shifting dynamics of politicization? Exploring the effects, and interactions of recent crises on the migration policy field

The growing politicization of migration has been undoubtedly a key dynamic, shaping the migration policy field in the past decades. The causes and effects of this politicization of migration are linked to changes in the social foundations of politics, and the restructuring of socio-political conflicts: new political divisions often labelled as cosmopolitans versus communitarians, and the accompanying rise of sovereignist versus supranational claims and growing political polarization. 

IN:EX-member Leila Hadj-Abdou (Department of Political Science/University of Vienna & Migration Policy Centre/European University Institute) and Tiziana Caponio (Department of Politics, Cultures and Society/University of Turin & Collegio Carlo Alberto) are looking forward to receive your paper proposals focusing on whether and how recent crises have altered the politicization of migration until February 5, 2021You can find further details here!