EU external migration policies in an era of global mobilities : intersecting policy universes

The collective volume ‘EU External Migration Policies in an Era of Global Mobilities: Intersecting Policy Universes’ (Brill/Nijhoff, 2019) draws on the themes of intersectionality and overlapping policy universes to examine and evaluate the shifting functions, frames and multiple actors and instruments of an ongoing and revitalised cooperation in EU external migration and asylum policies with third states. The contributions are based on problem-driven research and seek to develop bottom-up, policy-oriented solutions, while taking into account global, EU-based and local perspectives, and the shifting universes of EU migration, border and asylum policies.

The book also contains a chapter by Andrew Geddes and Luca Lixi on “New actors and new understandings in European Union external migration governance? : The Case of EU-Tunisian migration relations” which analyses the expanding nature of the EU’s external migration governance network, focusing on the case of EU-Tunisia migration relations.

Editor(s): Sergio Carrera, Leonhard Den Hertog, Marion Pamozzon, Dora Kostakopoulou 

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