Evaluating the “Salvini Decree”: doubts of constitutional legitimacy

In this policy brief, Cecilia Corsi discusses the debate concerning the dubious constitutionality of the decreto Salvini, not only in relation to its contents, but also to the methods with which it was approved.


The so-called “Salvini Decree” (Decree-law no. 113 of 4 October, converted, with amendments, into Law no. 132 of 1 December 2018) represents one of the acts qualifying the policy of the current Italian Government. It aims, going by what one reads in the report accompanying the conversion bill, at reorganizing ‘the system of recognition of international protection and the forms of complementary tutelage’ for ‘a more efficient and effective management of the migratory phenomenon.’ Indeed there is a wide debate concerning the dubious constitutionality and effectiveness of this legislative measure.