CARIM-East Final Dissemination Workshop

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The Eastern Partnership (EaP) will be put to the test in Vilnius, 28-29 November. In the run up to this historic event, many important and painful questions on the future of Eastern Europe are being posed. Among them issues of mobility and migration between the two parts of Europe become ever more salient. Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova negotiate visa liberalisation with the EU, Armenia and Azerbaijan have focused, instead, on visa facilitation; all the EaP partners contemplate the pros and cons of the free trade agreements with the EU. These steps have a clear impact on mobility and migration patterns between the EU and its neighbours. But what is the reality of migration and mobility in today’s Eastern Europe? What will be the consequences of political actions and inactions on these patterns?

CARIM-East is the first migration observatory focused on the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union which attempted answering those questions. The project, co-funded by the European Union, covers all the countries of the Eastern Partnership initiative (Belarus, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) and the Russian Federation. During the final workshop of CARIM-East our team will try to get to the bottom of some of the myths and beliefs surrounding the questions of migration and mobility in the EaP, while discussing future scenarios as well.


Part I – 9:30-10:00

Welcome Address – Camilla Hagstroem, DEVCO (tbc)

Agnieszka Weinar: Presentation of CARIM-East project


Part II – 10:00-11:00        

Presentation of CARIM-East database

Agnieszka Weinar, Anna Bara, Anna Di Bartolomeo

Questions and answers


Part III – 11:00-12:30       

Mobility and migration in EaP countries – what impacts on EU-EaP relations?

Agnieszka Weinar, Anna Di Bartolomeo: Patterns of mobility in the EaP countries

Anna Bara, Oleg Korneev: Trafficking in of Human beings and smuggling in post-Soviet space

Olga Kupets: Economic effects of migration and mobility


For further information regarding this event, please contact Agnieszka Weinar