CARIM-India Final Conference on “India-EU Migration and Mobility: Prospects and Challenges”

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The CARIM-India final conference will take place on 17th and 18th October in New Dehli in order to disseminate the research results of the project and recommend a durable framework of discussion and institutional exchange between India and EU on migration and mobility. Based on the recommendations of the conference and outputs under the activities of the project, a policy report will be prepared laying emphasis on the preconditions for an informed India-EU dialogue on migration and mobility. The conference programme will have six sessions, on topics ranging from preventing irregular migration to the migration of health workers. The dissemination of the CARIM-India research findings and policy recommendations will reach a mixed academic/policy audience from India and Europe.

Details can be found in the agenda.


For further information regarding this event, please contact Dr Kathryn Lum,


This event is co-funded by the EU