Covid-19 and Border Restrictions in the EU: Is Schengen in Crisis?

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One of the most visible policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic have been border controls and travel restrictions. These pose fundamental questions in an European Union anchored on the principle of free movement and the lifting of internal border controls in the Schengen area. This Panel will discuss the functioning of the Schengen area in light of Covid-19 mobility restrictive policies.
The following questions will be examined:

  • What is the state of play and latest developments on internal border controls and travel restrictions in the name of Covid-19 in the EU? Is Schengen in crisis?
  • Which role has the EU played in monitoring and enforcing existing EU free movement and Schengen standards, as well as in coordinating Member States responses?
  • What have been the main practical effects and key issues in the implementation and enforcement of these travel restrictions measures?
  • What are the main issues and challenges posed by Covid-19 border restrictions from the perspective of EU freedoms and fundamental rights? Which could be the main issues and challenges for European integration
  • Border restrictions in the EU: what does the public think?