Cross Migration, H2020 project, “Towards Systematic Knowledge Accumulation in Migration Studies”

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The field of migration studies has evolved and expanded significantly. This involves not only a growing quantity of studies, but also growing interdisciplinarity, methodological differentiation, expansion in countries and regions covered, and of course a growing theoretical richness. However, growth is also accompanied by fragmentation. While recognising the value of academic diversity for academic dialogue, fragmentation can also be an impediment for systematic knowledge accumulation, theorybuilding and knowledge utilisation.

This conference will create an open dialogue with scholars from the migration research community on how to promote systematic knowledge accumulation. It focuses both on a methodology for knowledge accumulation, involving the development of a migration studies taxonomy, as on substantive areas for knowledge accumulation. As such, the conference is relevant for migration scholars interested in the development of migration studies as a research field, as well as for policymakers tapping into migration knowledge and publishers (journals, book series) working in our field.

Date: 31 May and 1 June 2018
Place: Refectory and Seminar Room 2, Badia Fiesolana
Programme: See here

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