The effects of refugee policy externalisation on target countries and international institutions: diluting or diffusing international norms?

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from: 15:00
to: 16:15

This is a joint MPC and CONREP Network webinar which will explore the effects of refugee policy externalisation on target third countries and international institutions. The webinar examines how far and under what conditions, refugee policy externalisation whilst contributing to responsibility-shirking on the part of those who practice externalisation, at the same time drives mechanisms of norm diffusion towards the target countries of externalisation policies and non-state actors hitherto less involved in refugee protection. Also, we are interested in whether externalisation policies also trigger the indirect diffusion of refugee protection norms to institutions and policies hitherto not connected to the international refugee regime such as in the fields of international security; development or environmental cooperation.


  • Tamirace Fakhoury, Aalborg University
  • Federica Infantino, Migration Policy Centre
  • Madeline Garlick, UNHCR

    Chair: Sandra Lavenex, University of Geneva