Film screening of “Olha’s Italian Diary” by Olena Fedyuk

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As part of the film Series on Migration, Inclusion and Diversity, the Migration Policy Centre and the EU Border Care project will host a film screening of “Olha’s Italian Diary” in the presence of the film director, Olena Fedyuk.

The film screening will be followed by a discussion and a cocktail and is open to all of the EUI community.

For more information about the film series and the programme, consult the agenda.

Film Synopsis

Olha is a migrant woman from Ukraine working as a care worker in Italy. Unlike many of women in the similar situation – middle-aged, away from home, working often illegally and long hours looking after elderly people – Olha does not forget about herself. She believes in love and thinks it is possible to find a beautiful romantic relationship even at the age of 57. Even if the relationships between migrant women and local men are considered to be a transgression on both sides. Olha’s Italian Diary is a work in progress, a film which aims to break away from the “separation with the family” focus in transnational migration. It is an intimate sneak-peek into one of the contemporary taboo topics: intimate lives of the female migrants away from home.

Time: 19.00
Place: Emeroteca, Badia Fiesolana, EUI.