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Final Workshop of the MISMES Project (Migrant Support Measures from an Employment and Skills Perspective)

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The aim of the final technical workshop of the MISMES project, which is jointly implemented by the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the Migration Policy Centre of the European University Institute (EUI), is to present and discuss the findings of the MISMES Global Inventory and the five MISMES case studies – Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco and Tunisia. The workshop will serve to improve the quality of the draft studies and validate the results through a focused and technical discussion between the EUI and ETF teams, national experts and key policy-makers from the five countries.

Please note that this is an internal event.

Details can be found in the agenda

Date and Location

29 – 30 September 2014, European Training Foundation premises, Turin, Italy


Contact: mpc@eui.eu


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The MISMES project is financed by the European Training Foundation (ETF).