Launch of ‘The Research Network on Ukrainian Migration’

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The Research Network on Ukrainian Migration, a new initiative from the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw; Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute; Maastricht University; and UNU-MERIT, launches in Maastricht on November 8.

The Research Network on Ukrainian Migration (RNUM) aims to bring together institutions and researchers working on Ukrainian migration to cooperate on new research, information dissemination, seminars, and the acquisition of new funding and more. It will tackle issues around mobility from and within Ukraine as well as issues of reception, integration – including social, economic and labour – remittances, return and reintegration, recovery, development and related topics.

The Network aims to take a comparative approach which could take the form of comparisons with other forced migrant groups in Europe and beyond and/or comparisons across receiving countries of Ukrainian migrants. Long-term demographic perspectives for Ukraine and the rest of Europe will also be researched and discussed within this network. The RNUM aims to become a key information source on migration and mobility to, from and within Ukraine.

Prof. Dr. Melissa Siegel, Professor of Migration Studies, UNU-MERIT said: ‘I am delighted that we are able to bring expertise from across Europe and beyond to study this most pressing of issues. Whilst much of the focus of the war has been on military and territorial issues, the plight of millions of people needs to be understood in order to find solutions that will have real impact on the ground and improve lives’.

Prof. Dr Bartel Van De Walle, Director, UNU-MERIT said: ‘UNU-MERIT is dedicated to helping policymakers understand and respond to modern day complexities. This new cross-organisation, cross-border partnership will support all of us in our desire to understand and tackle the challenges around Ukranian migration in both the immediate and long term.’

As the war and displacement continues, the RNUM is organising a launch event in Maastricht on November 8 to bring together key stakeholders to discuss current leading research and assess practical solutions. Speakers will examine the current displacement situation, access to services and integration in European countries; public attitudes towards Ukrainian migrants; and the practical implementation of the temporary protection directive in the EU.

This event will be held in person in Maastricht, the Netherlands with an option to participate online. You can register for the event through the following below.

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