Launching Event of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC)

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The Launching Event of the MPC in the media


The Migration Policy Centre (MPC) held its Launching Event on 25th and 26th June at the European University Institute (EUI). On this occasion the MPC presented research results on two major developments profoundly affecting migration and the way that migration is perceived by public opinion and politics: the economic crisis in Europe and the radical political changes unfolding in the Arab world.

A distinguished panel of participants, speakers and discussants attended the conference. Whilst Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs and Elsa Fornero, Italian Minister for Labour delivered Keynote Speeches, invited policymakers, renowned researchers and representatives from civil societies contributed to numerous panels and debates.

Highlighting the importance of this Launching Event, Prof. Philippe Fargues, Director of the MPC, explained that the event was going to highlight the results of the MPC surveys on two burning issues: firstly, should the current employment crisis in the EU be an occasion for reassessing the role of immigration and if yes, then in which direction? Secondly, what will be the implications of the Arab Spring for EU policymaking on migration? Seeing as the direction and magnitude of these impacts are far from clear, research is needed to allow evidence-based policymaking, build informed scenarios and formulate policy recommendations.

Founded with the support of the European Union, the MPC has the critical objective of conducting research on global migration issues to serve migration governance needs at the European level. This means developing, implementing and monitoring migration-related policies to assess their impact on the economy and on society in general.

In this perspective, the MPC, with the support of its wide network of scholars and researchers around the world, conducts field as well as archival re­search, both of which are scientifically robust and policy-relevant at European level and also glob­ally, targeting policy-makers as well as politicians.

Details can be found in the agenda.

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For further information regarding the Launching Event, please contact Pauline Depierreux:, tel. (+39) 055 4685 817.