Migration And Mobility in the EU

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To mark the publication of the second edition of the book Migration and Mobility in the European Union, co-authored by Andrew Geddes, Leila Hadj Abdou and Leiza Brumat, this MPC lockdown Webinar will look at how past and current experiences of the governance of migration to, from and within the EU – in its various forms – can provide a guide to future dilemmas and challenges that arise from the current Covid-19 crisis.

The Webinar will look at key migration flows, the governance of migration and also at the politicization of migration governance in the EU. Migration and Mobility in the EU is a fully revised and updated text that analyses the complex and often controversial nature of policymaking in this fast-developing field, and brings the discussion up to date as the ramifications of the so-called ‘migration crisis’ continue to unfold compounded by the Covid-19 crisis. The book offers an exploration of the dynamics of migration and mobility in the EU including different types of migration; the EU’s policy framework within which national policies are now located; and considers the widespread notion and public perception of policy failure in this field.



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