Migration Communication Strategies: Effective Approaches to Depolarise the Debate

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Migration is a controversial issue that polarises societies. Its rising salience has evoked heated debates and the rise of hate speech. Additionally, it has also driven dissatisfaction with political elites and migrant advocates who are often perceived as out of touch with citizens’ concerns about immigration and diversity. As a result, we are facing a growing uncertainty about how to best communicate about migration-related issues and how to reach out to segments of society that might be sceptical of immigration. Major stakeholders, institutions and organisations are now addressing this issue proactively. Governance actors working in the field of migration, however, are in need of more opportunities to develop practical skills to depolarise the debate.

This Executive Training develops and strengthens communication skills by providing in-depth insights into the factors that decisively shape how people perceive and react to immigration and ethno-cultural diversity. During eight thematic sessions, participants will learn to identify and apply productive communications approaches towards migration-related issues in challenging contexts. At the end of the training, participants will have developed a nuanced understanding of the relevant claims, data, and institutions that drive effective communication in the field of migration.

You are able to find out more about this Executive Training on EUI website.