Migration Working Group – Migration, Transnational Production Systems and Rural Development

This inaugural workshop of the EUI Migration Working Group develops at the interfaces between rural development, sociology and migration studies.

Taking a critical look at the policy framework and ongoing practices informing international trade, agriculture and rural development, labour market and migration at national and European levels, the papers presented in this workshop offer insights on the dynamics and implications of migration in rural areas. Migrants become functional to sustain rural production systems, and come to play a critical role in maintaining and reproducing local practices and traditions, up to contributing to EU agro-industry and landscapes. Questions are raised on the sustainability of such processes and the need for proper governance, and specific concerns are raised on the unfair socio-economic mechanisms and exploitative practices that re-emerge in newly articulated forms. Overall, the session would like to establish a bridge amongst different disciplines along the mobility / migration interface, and the related implications in terms of resilience and governance.

Contact: Ms. Valentina Bettin (EUI) – Send an email
Time: 14:00 – 17:30