Migration Working Group – Trans-Asia as method: de-westernising, de-nationalising and de-academicising knowledge production in Asia

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This MWG session will address the potential of “trans-Asia” approaches as a strategic method (rather than academic methodology) to consider transnationally shared issues such as migration and cultural diversity on the supra-national level and examine transnational exchange and connections engendered by popular media culture flows across East Asia. Referring to research projects that Professor Koichi Iwabuchi has been conducting such as cross-border dialogue through popular media culture flows and multiculturalism from below in Japanese and East Asian contexts, the session will discuss the potentials of four “de-” approaches to knowledge production—de-westernising, decompartmentalising, de-nationalising and de-academising—towards the collaborative engagement with transnationally shared issues across various divides and borders.

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Time: 14.00 – 16.00