On My Own: Protection challenges for unaccompanied and separated children in Jordan, Lebanon, and Greece

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TheĀ Mixed Migration PlatformĀ launches its latest research on unaccompanied and separation children in Jordan, Lebanon and Greece on 21 September 2017 in Rome.

Conducted in conjunction with INTERSOS and the Migration Policy Centre, the research investigates the myriad protection challenges posed by the European age assessment framework and ongoing documentation issues in Jordan and Lebanon, impacting reception, freedom from detention, guardianship, child labourĀ and more.

TheĀ presentation of the findings will beĀ accompanied by an exhibition of photos taken during the field research, followed by light refreshments.
Everyone is welcome to attend. However, given the limited capacity of the room, we would kindly ask you to fill in theĀ registration formĀ at your earliest convenience.


17:00- 19:00

INTERSOS Headquarters,Ā Via Aniene, 26/A, 00198 Rome, Italy

Hannah Leach, MMP Analyst,Ā mmp.analyst.jordan@intersos.org


Read the study Ā«On my own : protection challenges for unaccompanied and separated children in Jordan, Lebanon and Greeceā€ by Luigi Achilli, Hannah Leach, Monica Matarazzo, Marina Tondo, Alba Cauchi and Triandafilia Karanika