Research Seminar: Research and Policy on Migration the European Union

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Professor Andrew Geddes will present his paper on “Relationships between Research and Policy on Migration in the European Union: A Practice-Based Analysis” (see attachment). This paper analyses relationships between research and policy at European Union (EU) level about international migration by drawing from the perspectives of migration policy practitioners and their practices. By practitioners is meant those who seek to influence, shape or make migration policy at EU level including officials from EU institutions, national officials, academic researchers and representatives of international organisations, think tanks and NGOs. By practice is meant the socially recognised competence of practitioners. A particular focus is on the relationship between research and policy, or put another way, between the production of knowledge about international migration and the use of this knowledge in policy-shaping and policy-making. Questions include: how are relationships structured between researchers and policy-makers at EU level? How do policy-makers gather and process information? Is there risk of information overload and, if there is, how does this affect the relationship between researchers and policy-makers? Do policy-makers actually listen to researchers? If they do, what do they want to hear? And, do they actually hear it? Is there evidence that research has contributed to the development of shared understandings at EU level? If so, do these confirm or challenge existing policy orientations?

Andrew Geddes is Professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield, Former Robert Schuman Fellow at the RSCAS/MPC.


For further information regarding this event, please contact Aurélie Boursier .

Prof. Andrew Geddes’s paper

Paper – Andrew Geddes