Seminar: The Italian Decree on Security and Immigration: how Legitimate and Effective is it?

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As part of the Migration Policy Centre seminar series, the following four presentations will discuss the legitimacy and the effectiveness of the changes introduced by the Italian Decree on Security and Immigration, otherwise known as the decreto Salvini:

  • “The Abolition of Humanitarian Protection: Problematic Aspects and Possible Remedies”, Cecilia Corsi, University of Florence and MPC Visiting Fellow
  • “From the SPRAR to the SIPROIMI: Critical Issues and Perspectives”, Daniela Di Capua, Director of the SPRAR/SIPROIMI
  • “The Salvini Decree and the Problem of Deterrence: how Legitimate and Effective are the Detention of Asylum Seekers and the Revocation of Terroristsʼ Citizenship?”, Mario Savino, University of Tuscia
  • “Understanding Attitudes to Immigration in Italy Today: Public and Policymakers’ Attitudes to Immigration”, Lenka Dražanová, MPC Research Associate.

The so-called decreto Salvini (Decree-law no. 113 of 4 October, converted, with amendments, into Law no. 132 of 1 December 2018) represents one of the acts qualifying the policy of the current Italian Government. Strongly desired by the Minister of the Interior, it aims, according to the report accompanying the conversion bill, at reorganizing ‘the system of recognition of international protection and the forms of complementary tutelage’ for ‘a more efficient and effective management of the migratory phenomenon.’

In reality, it profoundly affects the guarantees safeguarding the right of asylum. This Seminar discusses the legitimacy and the effectiveness of the changes introduced by the Decree.

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