The Yves Mény Annual Lecture: The Drivers of Migration Governance

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While much attention is devoted to the outcomes (and, often, the perceived failings of European and EU migration governance), less attention has been paid to how key governance ‘actors’ – including political leaders, top officials, key societal interests such as business groups and trade unions – make sense of international migration and how their understandings then shape responses. Drawing from extensive material gathered as part of the ERC-funded project Prospects for International Migration Governance, this talk will show how prevalent understandings of a new ‘normality’ in European migration – based on the view that migration pressures at Europe’s borders will remain high – have powerful effects on the nature of governance responses. The talk will thus show how the content of European migration governance is powerfully influenced by the meanings ascribed to migration by key governance actors.

 Pictures of the lecture
 Full video of the lecture


16.00 – 17.30
Sala Europa, Villa Schifanoia, EUI, Florence