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Training Workshop with students of the Harvard Kennedy School for Government

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On Thursday 21st January, the MPC will host 16 students from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, led by Prof. Claude Bruderlein, for a one-day training workshop with four members of the MPC – Philippe Fargues, Iván Martín, Luigi Achilli and Geraldine Renaudiere.

This year, hundreds of thousands of people crossed the Mediterranean and Europe’s eastern borders seeking refuge. But while global attention was fixed on the boats struggling through the waves, or huddled behind barbed-wire borders, little thought has been given to what happens next. Europe will soon find itself facing the dilemma of how to manage its newest residents – a challenge that Morocco has already faced.

We are in the same boat.

#InTheSameBoat is a campaign created by a Harvard University field study exploring the lessons that Europe can learn from Morocco’s considerable experience in, and novel approach to, managing migration. Over the course of January 2016, this team of researchers will be interviewing a host of Moroccan stakeholders and experts to develop a policy paper drawing lessons relevant to EU member states.

The release of the paper will be accompanied by a podcast produced as part of Harvard University’s ATHA programme and co-hosted by the Migration Policy Centre in Florence. The podcast is pre-recorded and will be released for download on Friday 22 January in an interactive event. Details on how to be involved will be released soon.

The Harvard team invites you to follow their progress and findings via #InTheSameBoat on Twitter [@MoroccoMigrant], Facebook, or through their blog, which will chart the evolution of their analyses over the course of the study, including team member biographies, videos, pictures and written reflections on the experience.

We hope that you can join us for this upcoming event to investigate what is sure to be one of the most important issues for Europe’s future.

The Training Workshop will be divided into four roundtables, each led by a member of the MPC. The MPC Lunchtime Seminar will also be integrated into the workshop’s programme: 

Thursday 21st January – Seminar Room, Villa Malafrasca

09:30-10:30              Session 1 – Philippe Fargues

10:30-11:00              Session 2 – Katharina Lenner

11:00-11:15              Break

11:15-12:15              Session 3 – Iván Martín

12:15-13:00              Lunch

13:00-14:00              MPC Lunchtime Seminar

14:15-15:15              Session 5 – Luigi Achilli

15:15-15:30              Break

15:30-16:30              Session 5 – Geraldine Renaudiere

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