What is the nexus between migration and mobility? A framework to understand the interplay between different ideal types of human movement

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from: 11:00
to: 12:00

Join our seminar to analyse the relationship between the two categories of human movement – ‘migration’ and ‘mobility’, and to know how they shape different social representations.

Categorizing certain forms of human movement as ‘migration’ and others as ‘mobility’ has far-reaching consequences. In this presentation, Lorenzo Piccoli introduces a theoretical framework to interrogate the relationship between these two categories of human movement and explain how they shape different social representations. The framework articulates four ideal-typical interplays between categories of migration and categories of mobility: continuum (fluid mobilities transform into more stable forms of migration and vice versa), enablement (migration requires mobility, and mobility can trigger migration), hierarchy (migration and mobility are political categories that legitimize hierarchies of movement), and opposition (migration and mobility are pitted against each other). These interplays reveal the normative underpinnings of different categories, which are too often implicit and unacknowledged.


Lorenzo Piccoli (Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, EUI).


Leila Giannetto (Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, EUI).