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Workshop – Critical Approaches to Irregular Migration Facilitation: Dismantling the Human Smuggler Narrative

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In contemporary mainstream narratives of migration, the human smuggler has earned a privileged if infamous spot as one of the most widely recognized and despised global predators. Constructed as racialized, hypersexual and greedy males from the global South, facilitators of irregular migration have earned widespread notoriety in narratives of human and national security, particularly in the context of migration control efforts. However, our knowledge of irregular migration facilitation is often plagued with fragmented perspectives on the socio-cultural dynamics of the migratory journey, the facilitator-traveller relationship and their community dimensions.

In light of the necessity of elaborating an adequate policy response to human smuggling, a better comprehension of the phenomenon is pivotal to ensuring the stability of the receiving state and the security of the migrant/refugee. The workshop aims to problematize the figure of the smugglers beyond overly simplistic generalizations and representations.

UTEP LogoThe workshop is co-organised by the Migration Policy Centre of the European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, and the National Security Studies Institute, University of Texas in El Paso.
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Luigi Achilli

Migration Policy Center

European University Institute


Gabriella E. Sanchez

National Security Studies Institute

University of Texas in El Paso



Image courtesy of Border Film Project (http://www.borderfilmproject.com/en/)