Workshop on Reducing migration flows by involvement in countries of origin: Assessment of EU and national policy, 11 September 2017, European University Institute, Florence

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The EU is facing an unprecedented inflows of immigrants from the southern Mediterranean and there’s a growing pressure on the European institutions to find an effective way to manage (and arrest) the migration flows in the short-medium term. A number of measures have already been adopted such as the so-called migration compacts (the Jordan compact and the ones for the transit countries), whose effectiveness is questioned by several analysts. The current debate at the EU Commission is about finding a proper mix between humanitarian and pro-development assistance to the countries of origin, with specific focus on countries that are hosting the majority of refugees such as Lebanon, Libya, Jordan and Turkey.

The workshop brings together researchers from different areas to discuss the effectiveness of these policies in the countries of origin, particularly in the south med area. More precisely, how the EU assistance is responding to the migration crises (especially to the countries that are hosting the majority of refugees), how and to what extent these measures can affect the decision to migrate, and how can cooperation between EU and countries of origin can be further developed.


Time: 14:00 – 18:15

Venue: Emeroteca, Badia Fiesolana


For more information and to consult the programme, visit the EUI event page.

The Workshop is organized by the Max Weber Programme in collaboration with the MEDAM project.

Contact Person at the Migration Policy Centre: Mauro Lanati (