Podcast ‘Across Borders: How Global Migration Works’, Ep. 1: ‘Irregular’ Migration and Italian Policy

Across Borders: How Migration Politics Work is a podcast which untangles the complexities of global migration. Made by students of the MA in Transnational Governance at the EUI in Florence, the five episodes see experts tackle migration across the Mediterranean Sea, Brexit, the role of the media, the impact of gender on refugees’ lives and how migrants can become pawns in international politics.

Students were supervised by Dr Lorenzo Piccoli, as part of the ‘Global Migration Politics’ course. In the seminar, students were invited to act as bridges between current debates and academic theories Dr Piccoli said, stressing the importance of developing the students’ communication skills for their future careers. The project featured interviews by many EUI academics, with students working with STG staff to technically produce the episodes. Podcast was produced by Giulia Torri and Andrew Fallone, technical support by Adriana Urbano, with the assistance of Michele Giovanardi.

Episode 1: ‘Irregular’ Migration and Italian Policy

At the heart of the most dangerous pathway into Europe, Italy has seen a spike in anti-migrant narratives and exclusionary policies since 2015. But is the arrival of migrants shaping Italian policy or are Italian policies influencing migratory flows? In the first episode of Across Borders, Dr Luigi Achilli from the EUI’s Migration Policy Centre helps us untangle fact from fiction and understand the reality of Mediterranean migration to Italy.

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