A new report available for download on “Migration Governance and Migration Diplomacy in Uganda”

Summary: This report analyses migration as an important area for Ugandan’s policy making, identifies potential new directions in Uganda’s approach to the foreign policy and diplomatic dimensions of migration policy, and makes recommendations for future policy development.

About the author: Dr Grace-Edward Galabuzi is the Ag. Executive Director at the Makerere Institute for Social Research, Makerere University. He has served as an Associate Professor in the Politics and Public Administration Department, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada and a Research Associate at the Centre for Social Justice in Toronto.

Members of the Advisory Board that supported the preparation of the report: Mr Bosco Asiimwe (UCFR); Professor Andrew Geddes (MPC-EUI); Professor Mehari Taddele Maru (MPC-EUI); Ambassador James Mugume (UCFR, chair); Dr Linda Oucho (African Migration and Development Policy Centre, Nairobi); Dr Sabastiano Rwengabo (UCFR). Susanna Garside (Department of Political and Social Sciences, EUI) provided invaluable research support.

Disclaimer: The EUI, RSC and MPC are not responsible for the opinion expressed by the author(s). Furthermore, the views expressed in this publication cannot in any circumstances be regarded as the official position of the European Union.

Download the Report