Migration Research Hub: Migration Research Under One Roof Now accessible online

The Migration Policy Centre (MPC) is delighted to be a partner of the CROSSMIGRATION project in the development of the Migration Research Hub (MRH), Migration Governance section. The new open access database is now officially launched as part of the IMISCOE network, Europe’s largest network of scholars in migration and integration. ‘It is a great resource for researchers working on migration that, through the contributions of the research community all over the world, will continue to develop in the future’ says Andrew Geddes, Director of the Migration Policy Centre.

Based on a taxonomy developed as part of the CROSSMIGRATION research project, the MRH collects research on migration and organizes it to be easily searchable and shareable, and its open access nature means that everyone can consult and add to the body of research. For the first time, information on publications, research projects, datasets and experts has been brought together in one fully-searchable database, underpinned by a taxonomy created and refined by experts in migration from a wide range of angles. The MRH stresses the collaborative and cross-disciplinary nature of migration research, and invites researchers in all related fields and disciplines to provide feedback and contributions towards a better and more useful research tool for all.

We invite all migration researchers to make their projects accessible to the broader community. Join the Hub at: www.migrationresearch.com .

The CROSSMIGRATION project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Ares(2017) 5627812-77012.