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Watch the video of our roundtable on migration and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

A roundtable discussion on trends, EU solidarity, actors and challenges regarding Ukrainian migration. Panelists on this roundtable will share critical perspectives on the impact of the war in Ukraine on migration in Europe. This roundtable is part of MPC Annual Read More …


New article analyses why do individuals vary in their desire to emigrate and why are some willing to emigrate irregularly

Why do individuals vary in their desire to emigrate? Why are some willing to emigrate irregularly? This article tests four theoretical approaches—socio-demographics; economic and political context; access to migrant networks; and psychological factors— across the Middle East and North Africa Read More …


A new interactive resource based on analysis of more than 520 articles on attitudes to migration

We present a series of visualizations of a dataset of articles about public opinion towards migration, which underlies the meta-analysis authored by Dražanová, Gonnot, Heidland & Krüger (2021).

protecting the rights for irregular migrants

Protecting the Rights of Irregular Migrants: Policy Dilemmas and Strategies

We present a video of a webinar that was a part of our Annual Conference and that focused on the question – how can irregular migrants have access to their fundamental rights. Irregular migrants experience a wide range of conditions Read More …

government information campaigns

Governments’ Information Campaigns for Potential Migrants: What’s the Point?

Debates about governmental information campaigns targeted at migrants raises crucial and underexplored questions that have huge implications for migration governance: who monitors the content and quality of such messages? How can quality assurance incorporate greater political accountability? While already a Read More …

migration west africa

Convinced to Stay? The Impact of EU-Funded Information Campaigns in West Africa

The EU is trying to discourage Africans from travelling irregularly to Europe, but can they be persuaded to stay in African countries? This blog post shows how an EU-funded narrative is perceived by West Africa youth in The Gambia. We Read More …

restricting emigration first dilemmas project discussion

Patti Tamara Lenard closed our first migration dilemmas discussion forum

The Dilemmas project is coordinated by Rainer Bauboeck, Julia Permoser (Vienna), Samuel Schmid (EUI SPS) and Martin Ruhs. It discusses and debates the ethics of key migration policy dilemmas. For each dilemma, there is an academic kick-off paper and then Read More …

rwanda uk migration

Can Rwanda Be the Solution? Europe’s Cooperation on Migration With Third Countries

Mass displacement from Ukraine does not mean that cooperation on migration with African countries is now off the agenda. Instead, what we have seen in recent weeks is that Europe has adopted ‘internal solutions’ to Ukrainian/’European’ refugees that aim to protect and Read More …

ukrainians protection

New blog post about the ways Non-EU countries help to protect Ukrainians

Over 5.5 million people have fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion on 24 February. Amid the fastest and largest displacement in Europe since World War II, the EU has mostly been united in its support of Ukrainians – as evidenced by the first-ever activation Read More …