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food climate migration crisis

Webinar about the critical approaches to the food-climate-migration nexus

In this roundtable, we discussed how today’s global human displacement has been exacerbated by proliferating food and climate crises that trace to and articulate with deeply entrenched structural inequalities. Panelists on this roundtable have shared critical perspectives from their ongoing Read More …

populist attitudes

James Denisson and Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte analyse the effects of populist attitudes

In a recently published article in Political Psychology, we show how and why public populist attitudes affect threat perceptions of global transformations such as climate change and migration, and global governance solutions to them. Contrary to received wisdom, our findings suggest grounds Read More …

health immigrants

The Political Determinants of the Health of Undocumented Migrants

Background: The health of undocumented immigrants is an important concern in most societies. However, there is no conclusive evidence that inclusive health care policies lead to better outcomes for this group of the population. The aim of this study is Read More …

public attitudes and refugees protection in europe

What role ‘should’ public attitudes play in asylum and refugees policies in Europe?

What role should public views play in the making of public policies? Should public policy-makers pay attention to what people think and prefer when designing policies and, if so, how? This paper addresses these long-standing questions in the specific context Read More …

irregular migration and italian policy

Podcast ‘Across Borders: How Global Migration Works’, Ep. 1: ‘Irregular’ Migration and Italian Policy

Across Borders: How Migration Politics Work is a podcast which untangles the complexities of global migration. Made by students of the MA in Transnational Governance at the EUI in Florence, the five episodes see experts tackle migration across the Mediterranean Read More …

food crises migration

Deciphering the Links Between Food Crisis and Migration

With news of the war in Ukraine inducing panic about the future of global food security, especially in the global South, some have been asking, what lessons might we take from the 2008 crisis and apply to the current moment? In considering Read More …

refugees ukraine

Who is a Refugee? Understanding Europe’s Diverse Responses to the 2015 and the 2022 Refugees Arrivals

There is an EU-wide consensus – including leaders of many radical right anti-immigration parties – about the need to welcome refugees escaping the war in Ukraine. For the first time ever, the European Union, which was in a state of Read More …

germany immigration highly skilled gender

Is the ‘Highly Skilled’ Definition in Germany Immigration Act Gender Proof?

During the negotiations about a future coalition government in Germany, the trio consisting of Social Democrats, Greens, and Liberals have declared their intention to modernise skilled labour immigration to Germany. The aim being twofold, a greater number of skilled workers and Read More …

refugee communities in jordan

Re-thinking Migration Studies? Developing Social Research Training with Refugees Communities in Jordan

While calls to re-think, de-centre and de-colonise migration studies has started to trend, what does this mean in practical terms? This blog reflects on our experiences of developing social research training and working with Sudanese, Somalia, Syrian and Iraqi refugees Read More …