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What’s New at the Migration Policy Centre (MPC)
The dynamics of regional migration governance
The Prospects for International Migration Governance (MIGPROSP) will publish “The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance” in June. This compelling book highlights how regional practices, processes and structures of migration governance can play an active role in producing understandings of international migration.
Linking Research to Public Debates and Policy Making
Why are there such large gaps between migration debates and migration realities, and how can they be reduced? This Open Access book provides analyses by researchers and policy experts who have been deeply involved in attempts to link social science research to public policies.
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The Italian Decree on Security and Immigration
A set of opinions and publications look into the changes introduced by the Italian Decree on Security and Immigration (‘Decreto Salvini) and on its impact on the right of asylum in Italy.
In the run-up to the European elections
The MPC published “EP Elections Policy Papers” on reforming asylum and migration policies in Europe and on the state of the Schengen Area. It will also hold an event on 7 May 2019 in Brussels on Europe’s turning point on migration (see below).
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Upcoming Events
Europe’s turning point on migration? Politics, policy and predictions ahead of the 2019 elections
7 May 2019, Brussels
Migration between Africa and Europe: The Role of Foreign Aid and Labour Migration
13 May 2019, Rome
MPC Annual Conference
Migration between Africa and Europe: knowledge production, attitudes and governance
23-24 May 2019, Florence
cities and the global governance of migration
Cities and the global governance of migration. An under-explored link.
17-18 October 2019, Florence
Call for papers open until 1 June 2019
Recent opinions and blogs
Fighting myths about immigration? Facts and evidence are not enough.
MPC Blog, 2019 by Leila Hadj-Abdou
can labour immigration work for refugees
Can labour immigration work for refugees?
Article, Refugees Deeply, 2019 by Martin Ruhs
Why Are Sicilian Mayors Leading the Opposition to Salvini’s Asylum Policies in Italy?
MPC Blog, 2019 by Andrea Pettrachin
L’immigrazione oltre la crisi dei rifugiati. Perché è importante per il futuro dell’Europa
Oped, La, 2019 by Tiziana Caponio
The twists and turns of asylum laws in Italy
MPC Blog, 2019 by Cecilia Corsi
Migration and the ‘rise of the right’ in South America: Is there an increasing anti-immigration sentiment in the Southern Cone?
MPC Blog, 2019 by Leiza Brumat
The experiences of women on the migration pathway – and the stories we tell ourselves
Blog, University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Border Criminologies, 2019 by Gabriella Sanchez
Global Compact for Migration: what is it and why are countries opposing it?
Article, The Conversation, 2018 by Marcia Vera Espinoza, Leila Hadj-Abdou and Leiza Brumat
Selected Recent Publications
Using EU aid to address the root causes of migration and refugee flows
European University Institute, 2019 by Temprano Arroyo, H.
Policing Humanitarian: EU Policies against human smuggling and their impact on civil society
Hart Publishing, 2019 by Carrera, S., Mitsilegas, V., Allsopp, J., and Vosyliute, L.
Book chapters
Gender(ed) nationalism’ of the populist radical right: an extreme typicality
Populism and the Crisis of Democracy, 2019 by Hadj-Abdou, L.
New actors and new understanding in European Union external migration governance?: the case of EU-Tunisian migration relations
Brill 2018 by Geddes, A. and Lixi, L.
Journal Articles
Can labor immigration work for refugees?
Current History, 2019 by Ruhs, M.
Multilevel modelling of binary and ordinal dependent variables : exploring the effect of education on tolerance
SAGE Research Methods Case, 2019 by Drazanova, L.
A rising tide?: the salience of immigration and the rise of anti-immigration political parties in Western Europe
Wiley Online Library, 2018 by Dennison, J. and Geddes, A.
Children and irregular migration practices: missing children or missing data?
Migration Policy Practice, 2018 by Sanchez, G.
Migration Policy Practice, 2018, Sanchez, G.
Foreign assistance and migration choices: disentangling the channels
Elsevier, 2018 by Lanati, M. and Thiele, R
Studies & Reports
Fit for purpose? The facilitation directive and the criminalisation of humanitarian assistance to irregular migrants
Study requested by the PETI Committee of the European Parliament, 2018 by Carrera, S., Vosyliute, L., Allsopp, J., and Sanchez, G.
Asylum Processing and waitlists at the US-Mexico border
Report, 2018 by the Strauss Center at the University of Texas at Austin, the University of California San Diego Center for US-Mexican studies and the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute (Sanchez, G.)
The state of the Schengen Area in the light of the 2019 European Parliament election
EUI RSCAS Special Edition for the EP Elections 2019, by Carrera, S.
Reforming asylum and migration policies in Europe: attitudes, realism and values
EUI RSCAS Special Edition for the EP Elections 2019, by Geddes, A. and Ruhs, M.
Working Papers
Labour market realism and the global compacts on migration and refugees
EUI RSCAS, 2019 by Ruhs, M. and Martin, P.
National Institutions and the Fiscal Effects of EU Migrants
REMINDER, 2019 by Ruhs, M., Palme, J., Osterman, M.
Immigrant naturalisation, employment and occupational status in western Europe
EUI RSCAS, 2019 by Hoxhaj, R., Vink, M.P., Prokic-Breuer, T
Making sense of the refugee crisis: governance and politicisation of asylum-seekers’ reception in Northern Italy
EUI RSCAS, 2019 by Pettrachin, A.
City networks and the Multilevel Governance of migration. Policy discourses and actions
EUI RSCAS, 2019 by Caponio, T.
Promoting labour market integration of refugees with trade preferences : beyond the EU-Jordan Compact
EUI RSCAS, 2019 by Temprano Harroyo, H.
Ethnicity and neighborhood attainment in England and Wales
EUI RSCAS, 2019 by Zuccotti, C.
Does ethnic concentration influence gender role views?: a study across ethnic groups in England and Wales
EUI RSCAS, 2019 by Zuccotti, C.
Policy Briefs
Evaluating the “Salvini Decree”: doubts of constitutional legitimacy
EUI RSCAS, 2019 by Corsi, C.
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What's New at the Schuman Centre
Spaceu2019 - Helping mobile EU citizens to exercise their political rights in EU Parliamentary Elections 2019
The new project Spaceu2019 aims to inform European citizens on how mobile citizens living and working in another EU country can vote in the upcoming EP Elections.
euandi2019 – Find your party in the next European Parliament elections
uandi2019 is a new Voting Advice Application that helps citizens make informed choices in their 2019 European Parliament vote. Available in 24 languages, euandi2019 invites users to react to 22 policy statements covering a wide range of contemporary policy issues and political values in European politics.
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