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What’s New at the Migration Policy Centre (MPC)
The Global Transnational Mobility Dataset
A novel dataset was created by the Global Mobilities Project (GMP) in collaboration with the Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre: the Global Transnational Mobility Dataset. It is a free tool that allows users to delve into the travel relations between countries globally on an interactive world map.
15th Migration Summer School
The MPC welcomed an enriching mix of 23 international participants this year who gathered to discuss the theme “Bridging the gaps: connecting research, public debates and policy-making on migration”.
The 2019 Annual Conference
This year, the MPC Annual Conference, focused on the relationships between knowledge production, attitudes and governance on migration between Africa and Europe.
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Europe’s turning point on migration?
On May 7 in Brussels, the Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration’s team discussed the politics and policy of migration at the 2019 European Parliament elections.
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Upcoming Events
Conference: 20 Year Anniversary of the Tampere Programme - Progress and Future Priorities of the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
organised with CEPS and Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union
4 October, 13:00 – 15:00, Brussels and in live stream
Workshop: The Swinging of the Pendulum? Centre-Right Parties in a Post-Migration Crisis Europe
7 October 2019, EUI, Florence
Hybrid Governance and Limited Statehood in the MENA Region
11 October, 09:15 – 18:00, EUI, Florence
Rethinking EU migration and asylum policies: Managing immigration jointly with countries of origin and transit
16 October 2019, CEPS, Bruxelles
MPC Seminar with David Fitzgerald
15 October 2019, EUI, Florence
and in live stream
cities and the global governance of migration
Cities and the global governance of migration. An under-explored link.
17-18 October 2019, EUI, Florence
Book Launch ‘The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance’
30 October 2019, Queen Mary University, London
Recent opinions and blogs
Measuring Changes in Ethnic Diversity Over Time: The Historical Index of Ethnic Fractionalization Dataset (HIEF)
MPC Blog, 2019 by Dražanová L.
Barriers to free movement in Africa: How to remove them?
MPC Blog, 2019 by Taddele Maru M.
Are ethnic minorities in the UK spatially integrating?
MPC Blog, 2019 by Zuccotti C. V.
Venezuelans are the first nationality of asylum seekers worldwide, but South American countries do not recognise them as refugees. Why?
MPC Blog, 2019 by Brumat L.
What is happening on the US-MX Border, what is likely to happen and how you can help.
MPC Blog, 2019 by Sanchez G.
If mayors ruled migration: Promises and gaps
MPC Blog, 2019 by Caponio T.
Greying of Europe
The Greying of Europe and Public Opinion about Immigration
MPC Blog, 2019 by Jeannet A.-M.
Global Human Mobility Rapidly Increasing, New Open-Access Dataset Shows
MPC Blog, 2019 by Recchi R. and Deutschmann E.
Global Compact
EUIdeas – The Global Compact on Migration: From Ideals to Reality
EUIdeas Blog, 2019 by Ruhs M. and Philip M.
Migration studies: from dehumanising to decolonising
LSE Blog, 2019 by Hadj-Abdou L., Dempster H. and Vanyoro K.
Selected Recent Publications
The routledge handbook of the governance of migration and diversity in cities
Abingdon: Routledge 2019, Caponio, T., Scholten, P. and Zapata-Barrero, R.
The Dynamic of Regional Migration Governance
, Edward Elgar Publishing 2019, eds. Geddes, A., Vera Espinoza, M., Hadj-Abdou, L. and Brumat, L.
Everyday Europe: Social Transnationalism in an Unsettled Continent
Policy Press 2019, Recchi, E. et al.
Critical insights on irregular migration facilitation: Global Perspectives
Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute 2019, Achilli, L. and Sanchez, G.
Bridging the gaps: linking research to public debates and policy-making on migration and integration
Oxford University Press 2019, Ruhs, M., Tamas, K. and Palme, J.
Journal Articles
Dissecting global air traffic data to discern different types and trends of transnational human mobility
EPJ Data Science, Gabrielli Lorenzo, Deutschmann Emanuel, Natale Fabrizio, Recchi Ettore, Vespe Michele
Mobility hub or hollow? Cross-border travelling in the Mediterranean, 1995-2016
Global Networks Partnership and John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2019, Deutschamnn, E., Recchi, E. and Bicchi, F.
Party activism: the permeability of the asylum protest arena in Austria
Social Movement Studies 2019, Hadj-Abdou, L. and Rosenberger, S.
A quoi sert la libre circulation?
Revue projet, 2019, Recchi, E.
Immigrant integration: the governance of ethno-cultural difference
Comparative Migration Studies 2019, by Hadj-Abdou, L.
Contesting the deportation state? Political change aspirations in protests against forced returns
Ethnic and Racial Studies 2019, Hadj-Abdou, L. and Rosenberger, S.
Studies & Reports
Human rights aspects of immigrant and refugee integration policies: a comparative assessment in selected Council of Europe member states
Council of Europe Issue Paper (in English and French) 2019, Carrera, S. and Z. Vankova
The Cost of Non-Europe in the Area of Legal Migration
Research Paper, European Parliament Research Service 2019, Carrera, S., L. Vosyliūtė, Z. Vankova, N. Laurentsyeva, M. Fernandes, J. Dennison and J. Guerin.
Policy Briefs
Public opinion on migrants: The effect of information and disinformation about EU policies
Ask the Expert Policy Briefs ReSoma 2019, Hadj-Abdou L. and Drazanova L.
The Austrian parliamentary elections 2019 : are Austrians anti-immigrant?
EUI RSCAS 2019, Dražanová L.
Working Papers
What asylum and refugee policies do Europeans want? : evidence from a cross-national conjoint experiment
EUI RSCAS 2019, Jeannet A.-M., Ruhs M., Ademmer E., Stöhr T.
Reciprocity in welfare institutions and normative attitudes in EU member states
REMINDER 2019, Mårtensson M., Palme J., Ruhs M.
Reciprocity in welfare institutions and attitudes to free movement in EU receiving countries
REMINDER 2019, Mårtensson M., Österman M., Palme J., Ruhs M.
Decision-Making Processes and the (Non) Politicisation οf Migration in Sicily
EUI RSCAS 2019, Pettrachin A.
International student flows from developing countries : do donors have an impact?
EUI RSCAS 2019, Lanati, M. and Thiele, R.
On the road to integration? : immigrants' demand for informal (& formal) education
EUI RSCAS 2019, Coniglio, N; Hoxhaj, R. and Jayet, H.
A theoretical discussion and empirical analysis of second generations’ education and labour market outcomes in England and Wales
EUI RSCAS 2019, Zuccotti, C. and Platt, L.
How are attitudes towards immigrants in Europe shaped by regional contexts? A study of the conditioning relationship between immigrants' concentration and socioeconomic environment
EUI RSCAS 2019, Hoxhaj, R. and Zuccotti, C.
Indicators of Labour Markets and Welfare States in the European Union
REMINDER, Oxford 2019, Palme, J. and Ruhs, M.
Estimating transnational human mobility on a global scale
EUI RSCAS 2019, Recchi, E., Deutschmann, E. and Vespe, M.
Foreign assistance and emigration: accounting for the role of non-transferred aid
EUI RSCAS 2019, Lanati, M. and Thiele, R.
When do populist radical right parties succeed? Salience, stigma and the case of the end of Iberian “Exceptionalism”
EUI RSCAS 2019, Dennison, J. and Mendes, M.
What’s new at the Schuman Centre and at the EUI?
New Schuman Shorts online!
Check out the latest videos on human smuggling, targeted political campaigning and more.
The EUI has just launched 'EUIdeas'
The EUI has just launched 'EUIdeas', the new EUI corporate blog.
Our Annual Reports 2018 are out
See the Annual Reports of RSCAS and MPC.
A new Executive Training on ‘Migration in the Mediterranean: Tools for Innovative Policies’
23-25 October 2019
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