Migrant Smuggling Observatory (MSO)

The Migrant Smuggling Observatory (MSO) at the Migration Policy Centre of the European University Institute provides evidence-based research on smuggling practices. Born from a collective effort to better inform policy makers, media and law enforcement, and to foster a community of smuggling scholars, MSO draws from the expertise of a global network of researchers to provide accurate, reliable and data-driven research and forecasts concerning smuggling and its actors. Furthermore, our social sciences approach also uses a human rights lens to understand the motivations of facilitators and the dynamics of the communities where they operate. We work in close collaboration with international organizations on policy and research development, hold research seminars and conferences, publish academic and policy pieces, and carry out in-depth analysis on smuggling around the world.

Project goals:

1. Build a strong empirical, ground-up framework on migrant smuggling research
2. Contribute evidence-based research to the dialogs on counter-smuggling, border protection and human rights policy
3. Strengthen the community of smuggling researchers at the global level, with a special focus on fostering the careers of junior, female and minority scholars.

MPC researchers associated with this project:

Gabriella Sanchez

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