Watch the video of our roundtable on migration and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

A roundtable discussion on trends, EU solidarity, actors and challenges regarding Ukrainian migration.

Panelists on this roundtable will share critical perspectives on the impact of the war in Ukraine on migration in Europe. This roundtable is part of MPC Annual Conference on Continuities and Change in a Migration World taking place at the EUI from 23 to 25 May.

Chair: Andrew Geddes | EUI, RSCAS, MPC

Marta Pachocka | Centre of Migration Research

Poland’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine: actions, actors and challenges in a multi-level setting

Olena Malynovska | National Institute For Strategic Studies

Trends in Ukrainian migration: past, present and uncertain future

Marie De Somer | European Policy Centre

EU solidarity and responsibility-sharing in light of the Ukrainian refugee emergency

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