Anna Lübbe

Visiting Fellow
Anna Lübbe is Professor of Public Law and ADR at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda/Germany and Mercator Senior Fellow at the European University Institute. Her current research focuses on Forced Allocation, i.e. on transfers of asylum seekers based on supra- or international agreements on refugee responsibility and their premises in international and EU law. She has been academic staff member at the German Federal Constitutional Court. She is Co-Director of the Center for Intercultural and European Studies (ICEUS), Member of Rat für Migration (German Council for Migration) and Associate Member of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges (IARLJ). Among her writings are recent expert reports on European and international refugee law on behalf of the German Parliament and the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration, as well as over 70 academic publications in constitutional law, administrative law, European law, refugee law, environment law, social law, public health law, philosophy, history of law, and conflict research.