Carolina V. Zuccotti

Short-Term Visitor
Carolina Viviana Zuccotti is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) Global Fellow at the University Carlos III Madrid. Her MSCA project, GLAM - Global South Migration and Comparative Integration: A Study of South American Migrants, studies i) how integration patterns of southern migrants and their children in the Global South differ with respect to those of their counterparts in the Global North, and ii) what gains (or loses) southern migrants and their children in Southern and Northern destinations experience with respect to non-migrants in origin countries.

Before joining the UC3M, Carolina was a researcher (2020-2021) at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina. She also worked as a research fellow (2017-2019) at the MPC, where she was part of the MEDAM project on migration and asylum. Formerly, she was a research fellow (2014-2017) at the University of Brighton, UK, where she worked for STYLE, an FP7 international project on youth labour in Europe.

Carolina completed her PhD in Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute (2015). She also has a MSc in Human Geography, Planning and Development Studies (University of Amsterdam, 2010), a MA in Urban Studies (University of Urbino Carlo Bo, 2007), and a Degree in Sociology (University of Buenos Aires, 2006).

Her studies and research have received funding from national and international institutions and programs, including EU Horizon 2020, NUFFIC (Netherlands), CONICET (Argentina) and ECSR (Europe).

Research focus/Fields of interest: migration, ethnicity, social inequality, social mobility, urban studies, quantitative methods.
Core discipline: sociology.

Refereed journal articles
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  • Book chapters
  • Zuccotti, C.V. and O’Reilly, J. (2019). “Does scarring effects vary by ethnicity and gender?”. In Jacqueline O’Reilly, Janine Leschke, Renate Ortlieb, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser and Paola Villa, Youth Labor in Transition. Oxford University Press.
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  • Reports
  • Zuccotti, C.V., Geddes, A.P., Bacchi, A., Nori, M. and Stojanov, R. (2018). “Rural Migration in Tunisia: Drivers and patterns of rural youth migration and its impact on food security and rural livelihoods in Tunisia”, Rome: FAO.
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  • Blog
  • Carolina V. Zuccotti (2019). Are ethnic minorities in the UK spatially integrating?, EUI Blogs
  • The ethnic concentration of a neighbourhood has varying effects on employment prospects for men and women across different ethnicities (2016, with Lucinda Platt, LSE Blog British Politics and Policy)