Christof Roos

Junior Professor
Christof Roos teaches at Europa-Universität Flensburg as a Junior Professor for European and Global Governance. Core to his work is the intersection between EU governance, international relations, and the regulation of migration. His research deals with the question of how EU integration impacts migration policy. Within the policy field of migration, he worked on labour migration, asylum policy, EU-Africa Relations and, most recently, the freedom of movement of persons in the EU and emigration. Next to two monographs he published in the Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and International Migration Review. Currently, he works on a project funded by the German Research Council that researches the effects of EU emigration on EU sending countries in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Research focus/Fields of interest: Migration Politics, EU Integration, EU Freedom of Movement, Emigration.
Core disciplines: Political Science.