Maxime Christophe

Visiting Student
Maxime Christophe is a PhD candidate in Sciences Po Paris, fellow of the IC Migration, and visiting student at the Migration Policy Centre in Florence (January to June 2023).

His research focuses on transit centres dedicated to asylum seekers in France - and Europe - in order to sort and displace individuals from main cities to other (sub)urban and rural areas. He focuses on the ‘camp’ as a policy tool of populations displacements. Law and document analysis aims to historicise their emergence – especially since the 2015 ‘migrant crisis’. Christophe tries to understand the rationality that sustains these centres and how they fit in a network in which they are nodes. A multi-sited ethnography aims to follow the paths of some individuals passing by these camps from one of them, in the Paris region, to elsewhere in France and Europe. Some visits of other camps of this type helps to document and map them. Christophe is interested in their architectures, rules and functions. This visit to the European University Institute seeks to extend this research and to place this policy in a broader European context, and in particular through the lens of the hotspot approach.

Research focus/Fields of interest: Asylum seeking – Camp – Displacement.
Core disciplines: Sociology and ethnography.