Claudio Mazzetti

Executive MPC Manager
Claudio Mazzetti is executive MPC Manager at the MPC. He holds a Laurea in History from the University of Florence and a MA in International Politics from University of Paris XI. He worked for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kosovo and for the European Parliament in Luxembourg. From 2004 to 2009 he worked in Brussels for one of the European leading consultancy firm, AESA. He was Project Manager, then Coordinator of the FWCs’ Social Department and finally he acted as Head of the Social Department. Since January 2010 he has worked as Project Manager at the EUI. He has been the Executive MPC Manager since the creation of the Centre in 2012. Overall he has more than 14 years of relevant professional experience as Project Manager with a proven track record of successful design, implementation and management of externally funded projects (EU, World Bank, IOM, FAO, NGOs, national development agencies, private foundations, etc.). He has managed more than 250 externally funded projects worldwide in different fields.