Ingrid Boas

Visiting Fellow
This fall Dr. Ingrid Boas is with the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute as a visiting fellow. She comes from the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, where she works as an Associate Professor. Ingrid does research and teaching in the fields of environmental change, mobilities, and governance, with a focus on the topic of environmental/climate change-related human mobility. She holds a PhD in International Relations (2014), obtained at the University of Kent (United Kingdom), on the securitization of climate migration, funded by the UK Economic Social Research Council. In 2016, she was awarded a personal grant by the Netherlands Scientific Organization to study environmental migration in the context of the digital age (runs to June 2021). At EUI she will continue to work on the results from this project, examining the nexus between human mobility, environmental change and ICTs. Ingrid has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, including with leading journals such as Nature Climate Change, Global Environmental Politics, and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and in the monograph (Routledge, 2015) on climate migration and security. Finally, Ingrid also highly values reaching society and societal partners with her research insights through engagements with NGOs or government (see e.g. a recent expert dialogue with D66 International), media interventions, short clips and through innovative local workshops, such as hackathons.