Iuliia Lashchuk

Max Weber Fellow
Iuliia Lashchuk is a researcher, migration activist and curator. She received her PhD in Philosophy, with distinction, from the University of Warsaw. As an independent researcher, she has been cooperating with the University of Warsaw, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, and Wise Europe, an independent think tank based in Warsaw. During her PhD she was an intern at the University of Federico II in Naples and the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania.

Iuliia focuses her research on the categories of otherness and strangeness with a specific focus on gender issues and female migration. She is interested in issues of identity, belonging, and diversity, as well as ethical dimensions of hospitality. In her interdisciplinary research, she is exploring alternative methods of speaking about migration, such as contemporary art practices. As a Max Weber Fellow she will continue her research on Ukrainian female migration, analysing its dynamic and changes in the context of the current political situation. In her research she will focus on the analysis of receiving and integration of Ukrainian female refugees at the three levels of policies, civil society and diaspora.

Iuliia has taught undergraduate courses on Ethics at the University of Warsaw and Sociology of Communication and Digital Cultures at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania.