James Hampshire

Short-Term Visitor
James Hampshire is a Professor of Politics at the University Sussex, and a Deputy Editor of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. His research focuses on immigration policy and migration governance. He is interested in how the movement of people is governed and how immigration policies are made. James Hampshire has written two books: Citizenship and Belonging (Palgrave 2005), which examines the politics of post-war immigration to Britain; and the Politics of Immigration (Polity, 2013), which explores how immigration policymaking exposes, and is shaped by, constitutive contradictions of liberal states. James Hampshire published papers on topics including immigration policymaking, the EU migration regime, the comparative political economy of immigration, and citizenship. He is currently working on a project about inequality and the political economy of migration since the 1990s. The book will explore how changes in the global political economy led rich countries to develop increasingly selective and stratified immigration policies.

Research focus/Fields of interest: Migration, immigration policy, political economy, inequality.
Core discipline: Politics.