Jérôme Gonnot

Research Associate
Jérôme Gonnot is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with the ITFLOWS project at the Migration Policy Centre (RSCAS,EUI), where he works on the identification of the most influential factors driving public attitudes to immigration using meta-analytic and multilevel modelling techniques. Prior to joining the MPC, he obtained a PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics, where he wrote a dissertation on the integration and assimilation of immigrants and the rise of socially conservative, so-called ”populist” actors on the political scene under the supervision of Prof. Philippe De Donder. His current research explores attitudes to immigration as well as the challenges raised by migrants’ integration into their host society. Two chapters of his PhD thesis investigating the consequences of immigration on fiscal policy and the political acculturation of immigrants are available as working papers. Jérôme has also recently authored a policy brief on global trends in attitudes to immigration. Personal website: https://sites.google.com/view/jerome-gonnot/home
Academic publications and working papers
  • "Taxation with Representation: The Political Economy of Foreigners' Voting Rights" - under review at the European Journal of Political Economy
  • "Establishment and Outsiders : Can Political Incorrectness and Social Extremism Work as a Signal of Competence ?", with Paul Seabright
  • "A Cross-Country Exploration of Immigrants' Political Assimilation in Western Europe"

  • Policy briefs
  • "Global trends and continental di erences in attitudes to immigration: Thinking outside the Western box", with L. Drazanova and C.Brunori, Migration Policy Centre, November 2020
  • "Local authority spending on adult social care in the UK", with D.Mandeno and M.Cooksley, Cairneagle Insights, March 2011