Robert Stojanov

Jean Monnet Fellow
Robert Stojanov is Jean Monnet Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) and at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS). He is environmental and population geographer focusing on drivers of migration in general; environmental factors of population dynamics; social and economic impacts of climate change and adaptation strategies; migration, remittances and development; and coherence of migration policy and development aid. Before joining the MPC, he served as Head of the Adaptation Strategies Research Unit of the Center for Global Change Research at the Czech Academy of Sciences, and as a assistant professor at Charles University, Mendel University and Palacký University. He has experience from many field surveys dealing with links between environment, population and development. Robert is chair of working group focusing on Climate Change, food security and population within COST Action CA16233 Drylands Facing Change. Robert is also member of the Editorial Board of the Migration and Development journal. Robert recently published the results of his research activities in The Geographical Journal and Asia Pacific Viewpoint dealing with climate change impacts on migration patterns in India, Bangladesh and Maldives. The results of his work can be found at Research topics: Drivers of Migration, Environmental Migration, Climate Change impacts and Adaptation, Remittances, Development Aid Geographic areas: South Asia, Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, small islands, Central Europe