Watch the video: The European Union’s response to the refugee situation in Afghanistan.

As part of its Virtual Training on ‘Critical Perspectives on Global Asylum Governance in light of the United Nations Global Compact on Refugees and the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum’, the ASILE project organises this open, public webinar discussing the situation in Afghanistan and how it affects refugee and asylum governance and the implementation of the UN Global Compact for Refugees with a focus on the role of the EU.

This webinar aims to examine the main policy responses of the European Union to the challenges experienced by refugees and people looking for international protection from Afghanistan. The event will interrogate the EU’s role and the kinds of contributions that can be expected in light of the proposals outlined by the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum, as well as current responses from EU Member States and Ministries of Interior.

The discussion will also assess to what extent the Union’s current response has reflected the call for international solidarity and other political commitments for facilitating legal pathways for refugees as envisaged in the UN Global Compact on Refugees and the next UN Global Refugee Forum.

The UN GCR calls for more equitable and effective arrangements for responsibility sharing. It states that it is to be grounded in international refugee protection and international human rights instruments. The UN GCR places protection as an overall guide of application.

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