What Agenda for the Next European Parliament?
Policy Papers – Special Edition

European Parliament elections in May 2019 come at a critical time in the evolution of the EU: these will be the first elections after the anticipated departure of the UK and at a time when divergence on many issues characterise member state relations. Wider global developments weigh heavily on Europe with the return of hard geopolitics and efforts to undermine the global multilateral order.

The EUI wants to highlight the issues that are at the heart of the political agenda at this juncture. A number of ‘EP Elections Policy Papers’ were produced on all of the major issues, including two by the Migration Policy Centre


Reforming asylum and migration policies in Europe: attitudes, realism and values

By Andrew Geddes and Martin Ruhs

If countries do not agree on the basic principles underlying and guiding policy reform, there can be no hope of finding effective and sustainable common policies. We suggest that the principles behind EU asylum, refugee and migration policies need to speak to three fundamental issues: a better understanding of public attitudes; greater realism and more clarity about the fundamental values guiding policy reform.


The state of the Schengen Area in the light of the 2019 European Parliament election

By Sergio Carrera

Is Schengen really in crisis? The paper examines this question in the light of the main policy and legal developments related to the Schengen system that have occurred during the last three years: the reintroduction of internal border checks on persons, the establishment of a common European Border and Coast Guard and the increasing use of border fences at the common external borders.

You can access the full series of ‘EP Elections Policy Papers’ on the dedicated webpage of the European Governance & Politics Programme.