On Thursday 22, we held¬†a roundtable discussion with Dr Martin Ruhs, associated professor in Political Economy at Oxford University as our keynote speaker. Dr Ruhs presented his paper ‚ÄúLabour immigration policies in high-income countries: Variations across political regimes and varieties of capitalism‚ÄĚ, followed by a discussion of the paper by Dr¬†Genevieve LeBaron,¬†Senior Lecturer in Politics, which triggered a stimulating¬†dialogue with a multidisciplinary¬†audience from Sociological Studies, Urban Studies and Planning, Politics, and members of the civil society.

Dr Ruhs’s talk was preceded by¬†a presentation by members of the MIGPROSP team. Prof Andrew Geddes introduced the MIGPROSP project, highlighting the changing and dynamic character¬†of international migration as a research topic.¬†Dr Marcia Vera offered¬†an overview of the most recent findings about migration governance in South America, and our MIGPROSP doctoral¬†students Luca Lixi, Laura Foley, and Andrea Pettrachin, presented their PhD research.

Thanks very much to those who made it yesterday.