Understanding global migration

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Join this book’s presentation Understanding Global Migration, presented by James Hollifield.

The work offers scholars a groundbreaking account of emerging migration states around the globe, especially in the Global South. Leading scholars of migration have collaborated to provide a birds-eye view of migration interdependence. Understanding Global Migration proposes a new typology of migration states, identifying multiple ideal types beyond the classical liberal type. Much of the world’s migration has been to countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. The authors assembled here account for diverse histories of colonialism, development, and identity in shaping migration policy. This book provides a truly global look at the dilemmas of migration governance: Will migration be destabilizing, or will it lead to greater openness and human development? The answer depends on the capacity of states to manage migration, especially their willingness to respect the rights of the ever-growing portion of the world’s population that is on the move.

Scientific Organiser and the Chair:

Prof. Andrew Geddes (Migration Policy Centre, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI).


James Hollifield;

Prof. Fiona Adamson (SOAS, Univ. London);

Hélène Thiollet.