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Migration Policy Centre (MPC)

New blog post summarises why national institutions matter for the conditions and policies of irregular migrants

PRIME project’s blog post states that any attempt to develop more effective policies vis-à-vis irregular migrants is likely to fail if it does not take into account the role of the broader national institutions of host countries.

Blog post talks about ‘overstayers’ – individuals who arrive in a country with a valid visa but stay beyond the authorized period

It is based on a new research through the MIrreM project which is looking at commercial flight data to shed some light on overstayers in Europe.

Our professor Caitlin Procter was interviewed by BBC World Service

New blog post states that most Ukrainians now identify as Europeans

Blog post synthesizes major milestones and research on the role of refugees in refugee policy

Blog post explores how Migration Policy Group as a new think tank influenced European policy in a short amount of time