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Migration Policy Centre (MPC)

Blog post explores how Migration Policy Group as a new think tank influenced European policy in a short amount of time

The Migration Policy Group (MPG), a think-tank founded in 1995, played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse on migration, integration, and anti-discrimination. How did they do that and what lessons are there for today’s researchers and practictioners?

Drewski & Gerhards analysed how countries differentiate between refugee groups of different origins and why

Germany currently hosts the largest number of both Syrian and Ukrainian refugees in the EU, Poland hosts the second largest number of Ukrainian refugees but refused to take in Syrian refugees. What are the factors behind it?

New blog post on LGBTQ+ community in Uganda and how a new law in Uganda could increase displacement

New blog post on how female migrants use entrepreneurship to create meaningful places of connection

Luigi Achilli talks about human smuggling at his latest article for Euronews

Check out a new article on attitudes to immigration by Lenka Dražanová, Jérôme Gonnot, Tobias Heidland & Finja Krüger