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Migration Policy Centre (MPC)

Join the Migration Working Group, for a presentation and discussion of the book

The book “Visual Methodology in Migration Studies. New Possibilities, Theoretical Implications, and Ethical Questions” explores the use of visual methodologies in migration studies through a combination of different disciplinary approaches and case studies, which include experimentations, trial-and-error and self-ethnographies.

Join us for the next MPC Webinar on the 26th of January.

This MPC Webinar will examine the assimilation of immigrants in their host societies by looking at political preferences, with a special focus on attitudes towards immigration amongst immigrants themselves.

The European Union: Shaping Migration Governance in Europe and Beyond

Return sponsorship in the EU asylum system : a normative assessment

The link between economic growth and emigration from developing countries : does migrants’ skill composition matter?

The Political Assimilation of Immigrants : Migrant-to-Native Differences in Western Europe