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Migration Policy Centre (MPC)

A new video of a webinar that is a part of our ‘Dilemmas’ project has been published

For this Webinar we have invited a policy maker Laura Corrado, a political scientist Joakim Palme and a political theorist Mollie Gerver to discuss the ‘dilemma’ approach and to respond to the contributions published so far.

Hot off the virtual press, this new working paper breaks down attitudes to immigration to the regional level

This article investigates how European public opinion has responded to short-term variations in regional foreign-born immigration over the past decade (2010-2019). 

Our fellow Iuliia Lashchuk provides an interesting perspective on what it means to be a Ukrainian scholar fleeing the war

Our assistant professor Luigi Achilli has been interviewed by the BBC!

New report from James Dennison as part of our work within EUROMED Migration programme

Rainer Bauböck and Martin Ruhs summarise ‘Temporary Labour Migration’ ethical dilemma