Anne-Marie Jeannet

MPC Associate
Anne-Marie Jeannet is a post-doctoral Research Associate on the MEDAM project at the Migration Policy Centre. Her research interests are in public opinion, immigration, comparative social policy, and non-standard employment. Her work has been published in the Socio-Economic Review, the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and Social Policy and Administration. Until December 2018, Anne-Marie is also a research fellow at the Dondena Centre for Social Dynamics and Public Policy at Bocconi University in Milan. She received her doctorate in Social Policy from the University of Oxford and also holds a Masters in Public Administration from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University.
Refereed journal articles
  • Jeannet, Anne-Marie (2018) “Internal Migration and Public Opinion about the European Union: A Cross-Sectional Time Series Study.” Socio-Economic Review. Online first.
  • Jeannet, Anne-Marie (2018) "Revisiting the Labor Market Competition Hypothesis in A Comparative Perspective: Does Retirement Affect Opinion About Immigration? " Research & Politics. 5(3).
  • Jeannet, Anne-Marie (2018) “Coping with Null Results in Quantitative Sociological Research.” SAGE Research Methods Cases.
  • Blinder, Scott and Jeannet, Anne-Marie (2018). “The Illegal and the Skilled: The Effects of Media Portrayals of Immigrants on Public Opinion in BritainJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 44(9): 144-1462.
  • Camerini, Anne, Jeannet, Anne-Marie, and Schultz, Peter (2018). “The Social Inequalities of Internet Access, its Use and the Impact on Children’s Academic Performance: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study in Switzerland.” New Media and Society. 20(7): 2489-2508.
  • Gelepithis, Margarita and Jeannet, Anne-Marie. (2018). “The Political Consequences of Outsider Labor Market Status in the Unites States: A Micro-level Study .” Social Policy and Administration. 52 (5): 1019-1042.
  • Jeannet, Anne-Marie. (2016). “White Backlash: Immigration, Race, and American Politics by Marisa Abrajano and Zoltan L. Hajnal (Princeton University Press, 2015), Book Review in The Journal of Politics. 78(2).

  • Blogs
  • (2016) Jeannet, Anne-Marie."Why Walls Don't Stop Migrants." September 21, Via Sarfatti 25.
  • (2013) Jeannet, Anne-Marie."In 'Don’t Panic', Hans Rosling Busts Myths About the Globe’s Population." December 4,
  • (2013) Jeannet, Anne-Marie. "Fears Mount About Romanians and Bulgarians in Britain, but What Have We Learned from Past Enlargements?" June 24th,

  • Media coverage
  • (2013) Burgess, Kaya. “Britons Feel Better about Immigration When Eastern Europeans Settle Here” The Times.
  • (2013) Duffin, Claire. “Britons Have Become ‘More Tolerant of Immigration as Numbers Increase’” The Telegraph.
  • (2010) Johnson, Simon. Scottish Councils Have ‘No Idea’ How to Afford Free Care” The Telegraph.